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When the storm clouds boil around me,
and the lightening splits the sky,
when the rain descends down on me,
I would swear that I feel high.

I feel the thunder rumble in my bones,
I feel the electricity crackle on my skin,
It's like I can hear my own soul calling,
in the howling of the wind.

I watch the trees bend,
and I see the windows shake,
a sudden clap of thunder,
makes the earth around me quake.

I lift my face up to the sky,
feel the rain drench my hair,
others turn to run inside,
I'm not going anywhere.

I stand, arms spread wide open,
and watch as a rainbow is born, 
a small smile tugs at my lips,
I love a thunderstorm. 

~ Rachel G. Ezell


  • Sep 08, 2022

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