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You got nothin' on me,
ain't nothing you can do,
this life is a chess game
It's time to make your move.

I've been waiting to feel something,
Anything from you,
Cause I brought down explosives,
Dynamite, KABOOM.

Don't wanna say you're stalling,
Maybe that's your strategy,
Don't stall and hold the bomb too long,
Now that'd be a tragedy.

You been telling everybody,
Sayin you're coming after me,
well talk is cheap little bitch,
but best believe I charge a fee.

Everybody looking nervous,
but naw, you don't bother me,
cause you don't stand a chance,
It makes me sad, honestly.

You been following me round,
Lil bitch what you gonna do?
You see that I fly solo,
You ain't seen without your crew.

That's just fine with me bitch,
Go ahead and bring your weak ass crew,
and when I'm done with them,
I'll still beat you black and blue.

Don't act like you can't hear me,
Punk we know you ain't confused,
We can see that fear in your eyes,
Fight or flight, it's time to choose.

This life is a chess game 
Bitch its time to make your move,
I warned you not to play with me,
cause every time you'll fucking lose.

The shit I just laid down was explosive,
Yeah it was dynamite, KABOOM,
could see the cloud for miles and miles,
Looked like a giant shroom,
 like something from loony toons.
And the whole world gonna know it,
Cause they'll be choking on the fumes.

~ Rachel G. Ezell


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    Sep 08, 2022

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