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You say that you're hurt
You say that you're angry
You need to stop and think
I'm only the monster you made me. 

Not just you or just anyone
but everyone I've ever known
You were raised like a normal kid
but this life is all I was shown.

You were taught to ride a bike
And how to get good grades
I was taught to shoplift
Without getting caught or made.

You were told to eat your veggies
And to never be a bully
Hard knocks and street smarts
Is how my parents chose to school me.

How to fool a person
To pull the wool over their eyes
And that honor amongst thieves
Is the only rule that applies.

I was taught the only bond that matters
Is that of family ties
and to look relaxed and unabashed
To convincingly tell lies.

My family lives like gypsies
It's all we've ever done
and my dad showed us the art of the con,
Me and his youngest son.

I'm a master at conning
yes, I can be very cunning
You v know till it's over
That you're a job that I'm running.

I try to take my time
and really play the long game
I've tried the hit and runs
but the payoff isn't the same.

I could apologize for my nature
but my daddy said never to,
"Cause if you ain't busy conning them,"
"They're busy conning you." 

~ Rachel G. Ezell


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