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You say that I'm a bitch
You say that I'm a cunt 
Yeah baby, you know I am
But I pull it off just like a stunt.

I am a fucking queen
A lioness on the hunt
I'm coming after your pack
And sweetheart, you're the runt.

I know I'm ice cold
I've got a vicious attitude
And I say some fucked up shit
I don't care bout being rude.

You won't catch me saying sorry
Not for a single fucking thing
I might be a ratchet bitch
But I spit poison, feel the sting?

My tongue is sharp and cold
Just like a razor's edge
I can slice and dice a bitch
Till they lay there like they're dead.

I don't care what a bitch said
I'll get inside your head
Warp and twist and fuck shit up
Till you're screaming for psyche meds.

I'll infest your brain,
and scramble up your wits.
Finger your fucking thoughts,
and leave my fingerprints. 
Move into your mind,
put up a property fence.

When I'm spitting my venom,
Every word is slick.
It's almost like spewing vomit,
It's so fucking sick.

So honey don't test me 
unless you want a lesson
My mouth will drop you so fast,
It'll leave a lip impression.

Quick, call your therapist 
and schedule up a session,
Tell em this bitch done went and gave you full blown depression.

Cause when I'm done with you
You won't ever be the same
You won't be able to remember shit
But you won't forget my name.

Up and down, left and right
You won't know which is which
Hot and cold, in and out,
Just keep messing with this bitch.

Bitch you've been warned,
Just know that I am coming,
And there ain't no getting away from me,
So there ain't no point in running.

After I'm done with you
You won't talk shit behind my back
I'll fuck up your mind and your face too,
Now those are fucking facts.

Rachel Ezell


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