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You're wild with the madness,
Dripping with sadness,
Say you want me back,
But you never really had this.

I know it sounds harsh, I know it sounds cold,
But you don't listen to what you're told,
And you playing the victim,
It's starting to get old.

How can you say you love me,
With a soul that you just sold?
I'm done playing your games,
Fuck it, I fold.

You said that you would change,
If only you could,
You said everyone misjudged you,
and you were so misunderstood.

Well I've been there before,
And I suffered it all alone,
So I decided to take a leap,
and give you the faith I was never shown.

I should have known better,
Should've left well enough alone,
Shouldn't have wasted all those days,
reassuring you on the phone,
Shouldn't have brought you to my home,
Shouldn't have forgiven the first lies,
Or given the first loans.

When I hear your name now,
I get so pissed my skin blisters,
every time you call my phone,
"Oops, sorry dick, you just missed her."

All your bullshit,
And all your lies,
All your crooked alibis,
Couldn't see it before my eyes,
That you're everything I despise.

You're sick and insidious,
Your true colors are fucking hideous,
Your heart is black and vile,
This list could go for miles.

Your intentions are corrupt,
Your character is shady,
If you ever were a man,
Then your human side is fading.

You have no true principles,
Your moral ground is pretty shaky,
No honor code to be found,
all those feelings you were faking.

All the bullshit advice that you dish out,
You were never good at taking,
you're too self absorbed to have any regard,
for the lives that you were breaking or the enemies you were making.

You're burning your bridges fast,
And dissolving all connections,
you've been lucky so far with who you chose,
this time you made the wrong selection.

I'm not just some loser,
I'm not just some schmuck,
the day you decided to fuck with me,
Is the day you ran out of luck.

I'm not a petty person,
usually I don't seek out vengeance,
but you've got a filthy ass soul,
and I'm more than happy to cleanse it.

I don't act dramatic,
and I never throw fits,
but when I do set my sights on a target,
my bullet always hits.

You can laugh at me now,
and you can shrug and sneer,
but here one day soon,
You'll look up and I'll be there.

Then you'll be sorry,
For ever using or offending me,
cause you just fucked around,
and made the wrong enemy



  • One of my first poems.

    Sep 07, 2022

  • Sep 08, 2022

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