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Loudly his voice is shouting
Saying I am not a stone 
It's just a pity when she's suffering
But a norms when he is, for he must strong like a stone 

Why does boy child do not need love 
Why does boy child do not justice 
Why is an arrant crime if committed by Adam's species 
But easily fosake and forgive if done by Eve's species 
Is he responsible to take all the blame? 
Why must he suffer but must act like a man 
Is a man an unmoved figure? 

Perhaps the world no longer remember him as the first 
When in battle he's the head and should lead 
But when is giving honour, her first
Peruse my words wisely for I against not her to lead 
But why the word_"Ladies first"

Boy child, an unmoved and unshakable being
The first created among human being
The one who saw God first from the start
Why do we build a thought that he is merciless 
Why don't we build the two bone equally
If the word unequal shout exist
Biblical God referred to him as the head and even as Christ 

The cry of the boy child should be heard
He's dying from his peers 
Yet the blame is placed on his head 
Why is  it natural for him to endure without care? 
Why must you forgone him because he's responsible to give the care 
Boy child are not stones too listen to them and comprehend their pain 

Boluwatife Alabi. O 


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