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What an amazing love we share
Full of love, passion, and desire, extremely rare

True happiness is in our eyes
Feeling the passion quickly rise

When our lips meet, time goes completely still
Lost in the moment and what we feel

The kisses are deep, but long and slow
A passion that few will ever know

The flames grow wild from deep in our soul
Living as one, so strong and whole

Everyone can see that our love is strong
Been craving your touch for oh so long

When we are together nothing else matters at all
A little more, every day, for you I fall

Knowing our love will last for eternity
Filled with a new and complete certainty

My beautiful angel come share this life
With me and me only, will you be my wife

Your all I've ever wanted, all I will ever need
Deep in my soul you have planted your seed

I will love you until the end of time
I hope you enjoyed my fun little rhyme


  • Just a little something

    Oct 05, 2023

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