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Short glances turned to long stares 
Short words turned to long conversations
Short flings made way to real attraction
Short rainfall created long night cold 
💎.                  🌌.           ⛈.          🌃
In the weirdest circumstance 
We smiled at each other

Words can be said to express some feelings
And sometimes it can't.

Funny & strange how small words 
Created comfort & warmth 

You want love 
You need love 
You seek love 
& eagerly with for it 

Your sad times up in night sky 
Pains & tears stain your good heart,
Like tie dye 

Rare as jade 
Aspiring like Ruby💎

Optimistic about your feelings 
As the sky sure of it's cloud 🌫

Like snow i have the purest intentions for u 
You stand out 
You outspoken
You fragile & also strong willed.
Tears are not made to define or break you 
It comes to strength & enlighten you.

You deserve more & will have more 
The world is your skylight🌠

You deserve & you will find love 🧡
Because your heart is deserving.

Best out of life 
Because you are courageous enough to find it.

You beautiful
An aspiring woman
Best version of yourself
Charming & kind 
What's not to like.
Through ordeals & huddles
I will say you are described with two words


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