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I find myself a surgeon
A man of simple means
Drawn to perfection
Unknown to me

Bring about healing
Dead brought to life
Eyes that were blind
See for the first time

Who has this power
Victory over death
Give life to clay and water
With a single breath

Shape of things to come
Future bright indeed
Who has this gospel
That I may read

Beginning and end
Tales of light and dark
Men slewing giants
Building of an ark

Life and death
Sin and disease
Things to over come
Blood was shed
For you and me
People yet to come

How was this created
Line of story formed
That sense would be made
By man in his form

Sought after hearts
Hands to grasp for strength
Listen to His word
Etched upon our hearts

Have we missed the meaning
Of this story told
Wayward children on the streets
Searching for gold

Treasure in heaven
Cannot fade away
Cannot be lost
Or stolen someday

Where do you find
That which you hold dear
That which you treasure most
Each and every year


  • Sep 04, 2022

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