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Caprise Brielle Zebulon knew she was hideous, inside and out. Every time she looked in the mirror she knew she could never become like one of those blonde bimbos at school. 

Of course, they were all blonde and brainless. Despite being so, that's what the guys liked, they too were the same. 

Only Caprise was smart enough to recognize that, she was an honor student after all. Nonetheless, she could never have the same privilege as the most popular girl in high school, the Queen Bee, and the Mean bee, Rose Quartz. 

Caprise also chose not to cake her face with makeup, she wanted to stay natural, hence resorting to only a swipe of tinted lip balm and the littlest amount of mascara on her lashes. 

Caprise sighed after taking a last glance at her nerdy boring face, and poop-colored hair that always happened to be in a messy bun. She also had to wear those big donut-shaped glasses, which only subtracted from her appearance. 

For reference this was what Caprise Brielle Zebulon looked like :

Anyways, she got ready for school after breaking her alarm clock for the 100th time. She absolutely hated waking up in the morning to the alarm which was complimented by her mother's hollering from downstairs.

She was eating her favorite breakfast consisting of waffles when Caprise noticed her bland white dial wristwatch showing it was 8:37 in the morning already!

School started at 8:30 and she had to rush. With a faint goodbye and love you to her mother, Caprise rushed out of her house, running with both feet as fast as she could.

And at that moment, she realized that her only mode of transport to school was her legs. She missed the school bus. Again. 

Caprise panted while crouching down to hold her knees.

Coincidentally, a bright red car honked from behind Caprise and stopped right beside her. It was a Ferrari alright. The real deal.

Caprise took a glance at the driver, only to notice that it was the baddest boy from her own school who did drugs, smoked weed, and possibly even was involved with the Mafia, which explained the Ferrari. It was none other than, Jock Gilinsky. He lived up to his name by being the school's quarterback.

And It was no surprise that Jock was the Queen Bee's boyfriend. Just as mean. 

"Want a Ride, Miss Brielle?" Jock asked, lifting his shades and displaying his perfectly white and straight teeth. 

Jock's barbaric words had quite obviously boiled Caprise's blood to the core. "Oh my Gosh, Jock! You are such a jerk! How dare you call me by my second name!"

"Aw, I'm sorry, sweetheart, let me pay you my apology by getting you to school on time?" Jock had his classic smirk, that seemed to have been permanently plastered on his handsome face. 

Caprise couldn't deny, that this was her only way. She calmed herself down trying not to think that it was another one of Jock's pranks. "Fine, just this once."

The girl grumpily sat on the passenger seat and the car drove down the street after about what felt like forever they reached school. 

It was another coincidence that both Jock's and Caprise's lockers were only three lockers apart. The school hallways were empty as Caprise's wallet, which only feared her that they were extremely late. 

"We're late, thanks to you," Caprise rolled her eyes at Jock. 

"Oh, please, you'd make it to school when I graduate if I didn't give you a lift," Jock replied in return in a sassy voice, that made Caprise almost mistake him for Rose Quartz. 

Her first class just had to be math, her favorite subject of all time, note the sarcasm. The two parted ways, and Caprise arrived in front of the classroom, nervous about opening it. She could see Mr. Jester, the math teacher, moving around, from the little translucent window on the door. 

Caprise mustered up all the courage she had within and entered. 

All heads turned and a million eyes were on her, including a very angry-looking set of eyes that belonged to Mr. Jester. "Ms. Zebulon? Why on earth are you so late?" 

"I'm sorry, Mr. Jester, it's just that I happened to have kept my glasses home but only noticed when I arrived at school so I had to go back and get them!" White lie.

With absolutely no mercy, Mr. Jester, with reddened cheeks, and crossed arms announced, "Detention after school for you, no negotiations—" He pushed his glasses back up. "—and go sit next to that mysterious-looking boy at the back with the dark blue eyes as punishment!" 

Caprise sighed. She knew there was no way of witting herself out of it, hence proceeding to follow the orders of the teacher by taking the only seat left at the back next to the mysterious-looking boy with dark blue eyes. 

It was just another bad day... 


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