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While on their walk, the girls came across a creepy hotel decorated with dolls. The girls suggested that we investigate the hotel properly in search of the sinister dolls. The girls' fear of entering the hotel was palpable. Creepy dolls had been rearranged and the lights had been turned off. To aid in the search for the sinister dolls, they contact Rebecca and Matt. The creepy dolls won't be found until Rebecca Zamolo and Matt Slay arrive. The girls want to know if we should break up in the haunted hotel. Two of the girls have suggested that we check this place out. Perhaps your dolls have been cursed. All of a sudden, the girls started to panic and take off. Rebecca set out in search of the ladies. Rebecca claims the girls disappeared together with the dolls. We must keep looking for the girls and the scary dolls. The following is my account of events.


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    Aug 29, 2022

  • Aug 29, 2022

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