Innocence Not Fear The Flame Read Count : 88

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Over long time some old friends decided to have get-together at the same place where they often spent their leisure time at the Gupchup stall across the market The day came when they will again together at the Golgoppas stall 

Sunday morn while sipping coffee Ms. White thinks "she will ask Mr. Red for forgiveness, all are her faults Will he accept  sorry and forgive her or better She won't join the get - together", She got confuse Somebody interrupted her thoughts by knocking on the door

"Ms. White! I'm Pink, open the door" She opened Hurry, let's go! I'm here to pick you
what? what? you see me like a stranger Btw, why you don't dress up till now Hey! why your face looks pale? "Naa, I'm good give me fifteen minutes", Ms. White nodded
Ok! I'm waiting, Ms. Pink replied Soon after
They together went there 

 Noises of old friends again at the Gupchup stall after long time They met and greeted to each other 

"Hey! Ms. Lily! How are you," Mr. Blue gentleness
"He laughs, She's good, goody, good", Mr. Red sneered

Flashback of the story when Ms. yellow swiftly ran on the stairs of library Her leg slipped and impinged with Ms. White She imbalanced and her hand collided Mr. Red back An accident took place, Mr. Red fell down from stairs of library It seemed he was push by Ms. White 

"Errors like straws upon the surface flow
One in quest of truth must dive below"
 "Mr. Red, forgive me", Ms. White

"Ms. Lily! Why don't you truth to yourself," Mr. Blue

Ms. White, "Instance is better than precept" 

"Let the past bury the dead" Mr. Blue

"The wearer knows where the shoe pinches" Ms. White

"Let it go, forgive you I know what actually happened that day Ms. yellow told me about it", Mr.Red nodded?

Mr. Blue, then what are we waiting for Let's enjoy the spicy or sweet gupchups and drown in the memories

Everyone agreed and nodded Laughed and enjoy the gupchups together.....


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