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I see her golden hair
Reflecting softly in the light
Next week it could be brown
After that it could be white
No matter the color
She is a beauty just the same
The only thing left to remember
Is her name

She walks a country mile
Just to see my face 
Grabs my guitar
And sings for me with grace
Her voice is lovely
Lilting and spare
Must be a gift she has
Simple but rare

She tells me a story
Of her silly cat
Makes everything rhyme
She knows where it’s at
Playing with yarn
Upon the kitchen floor
Tangled up in curiosity 
Don’t know what’s in store

She says her grandma 
Is coming in tonight
Mama’s gone to meet her
7 O’Clock flight
Been many years
Since she’s been by
She’s dreaming of the good times
With a gentle sigh

Must be going now
Mama will be home soon
I’m a little disappointed 
As we exit my room
She’s a gentle creature 
With a hug and a kiss
As she says goodbye
I know what I’ll miss

Her gentle smile
The smell of shampoo
The perfume she sprayed on
Before she left her room
The sound of her voice
As she says my name
Rustle of her clothes
As she walks away

Life seems so lonely
When she’s away
But I cherish the time
When she can stay
And sing to me her songs
On nights just like this
These are the things
I constantly miss


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