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I'm an angel sent to carry out my Master's wish
I am unprecedented with my heavy hand that from joy to sorrow I can switch 
It's what I was made for not my wish 
Yet the blame is mine for wherever I wound it can't be stitch 

I am hot and cool, a being with a divination delegate power 
I can feel water stagnant up in my eyes 
But my heart is made of fire that burnt without a pity 
It's not an asset to inherit but a must to all that lives 

Who is he that can live forever, must have a taste of my sting 
Who is he that want eternity without being employed into my world 
Tell Kòkúmó that sooner or later I'm still coming
Tell Aríkúyerí that I am unescapeable and invisible like a word 

Tell ikúpàímó to writes down his will for I am unforgivable
If I say to you I am coming who dare lock up the way for me 
I need not thy opinion neither do I need thy warrant 
Can one shut down a sun to shine? 
Can any man be a blockage to an air? 
I am unconcern when on a mission

I take by command but to give back is His wish 
How can aníkúlápò live when I am inside his pocket
I can operate whenever my master wish 
Run no where for I am everywhere and can force thee to kick the bucket 

© Boluwatife Alabi. O 


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