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Don't spread lies 
That we  have won
Or lie that we lost in turn
T'was a joint hunt,  not a bet
We just picked the lead-dog best

We are no losers or winners
Just more more thumbs up for the best
We are no winners or losers
Just more thumbs down for the rest

Means your gig we liked the most
Or your gist we did not get
And our creed, the AYes have it
As the nAYs revise the map

We just paved the shortest cut
To our visions' castle gate
We too saw your pointed routes
But two roads we can't walk once.
Five short years we shall return
For more scouts, their tales redone

And the best of fore-tale told
Best foreshadows of our lives
nAYs and AYes we all shall ride
Lead of sharpest of our scouts
In One Love and Grace of God. 

(Poem written in response to the Aug '2022 disputed elections in Kenya)


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