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My Soul It’s at 

Home when She 

Speaks Span-ish.

Brok’n an’undone 

Re-citing Ro-

Man Class-ics.

Striking She As 

I who was Struck 

Along My Passage,

A-wak-end  with

My Head deep In 

Her Span-ish.


What  happened?

Two who hit Me?

Three where’s my Penis?


As I come to See You 

Sing-ing  from the Book,

Love Cut and Anguish.

I see mySelf  won-der-ing 

Does She know I’m 

Not Span-ish? 

Wondering Why I 

Didn’t Even Try Inter-

Pret Her Language?


Cause who Gives 

A fuck! from H-er 

Mix-up I’m Ad-onis.


Mys-tic Imperialistic

God Of This Plan-et,

Domestic and Foreign

Worldes  a-skew connect 

Mars and Venus who,

Speaks  Her  Language.

As I come To 

En Ang-uish, 


Again, Wond’ring Why 

I Didn’t Even Inter-

Pret Her Language?

Cause who gives 

A fuck! In Her mix

Up I am  Adonis.


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