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Always remember - never complicate things that are simple - such as a smile, that creates a dimple. Also remember this too - do something nice for someone it comes back to you.
I want to becomes beauty because of a gray Lane - a scar is a result of injury and pain. I always remember as we age - this part of our story is just another page.
This too shall pass isn't just a quote - such as the I love you at the end of a note. The sun will warm, the sun will shine thoughts are cherished, will always be mine.
So always remember to feed a hungry Man - in a time of need Linda helping hand. Come out of self and help one another - treat other people like sisters and brothers.
What comes in many ways - always remember this on very cold days. Seasons change from weather up above - always remember never hate simply love.
Always remembering Don't let it go - do this and you'll always grow - always remember


  • Jun 11, 2022

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