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Still a child within
mentally stuck
way back when
something damaging
seals my fate 
from my past
To young to know
why my mother
would go
but for me
it was sink 
or swim
There was no 
choice for me
I had to become
an adult too quickly
a part of my innocence
at that moment died
and at the age of fourteen
i started stripping
I found that this
was a means to survive
When i picked
up drinking
i was in bars by sixteen
a relative stares 
as she passes me by
Donna is that you?
yes, im drinking too
can you say
that you are really
I've never been taught
how to show
 love or support
and trust no one
who claims to
love me
this anger i hide
makes me an 
wreck inside
would i be different
if my mother 
would of styed
I don't take credit
for raising myself
as all of my boyfriends
were adults
 themselves, doing
their best to guide
me right
So i make the effort
each and every day
to thank God
for keeping me safe


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