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I'd like everyone
to meet my sister
she's beautiful
can't you see
It might just be
in the eye 
of the beholder
but it makes
no difference 
to me
We shared a lot
when we were young
the bed included too
and sis i remember
the bond that was made
because i slept
with my arm 
around you
Then one night
mom said, 
"Kid go to bed"
and it would be
on this night
you see
I would cry 
my eyes out
until it hurt
because you weren't
going to bed 
with me
This would be
the begining of the end
of an innocence
that was once 
care free
as my tears dried up
without washing away
the pain confined 
in me
Time will heal
a broken heart
this saying is a falacy
it mearily added 
to the pain
of my emotional 
state of being
Now we are grown
seprate towns
seprate homes
turns out we're 
very different indeed
and at those times
when I feel life has
left me all alone
I can still feel
your arms around 


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