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Time is so strange. Am I right?? I swear I was just an 18 year old high school graduate last year but somehow, almost TWELVE years have came and went? And I’m an almost 30 year old adult?? OH. AND I’m a mom to THREE kiddos?? I’m fully in charge of three human beings. That is WILD. I swear, I have to be the most immature 30 year old like, ever. I still jam out to High School Musical and eat ice cream out of the container. I’m afraid of the dark and to be home alone by myself. I never understood the phrase “don’t blink” until now because HOLY SHIT! My oldest will be 10 this year and I really can not believe it. Time really doesn’t wait for anyone. It’s a moment but yet a memory all at the same time. The days seem so long but the years seem to fly by. Time is just so… strange. 


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