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I always longed to find the person who would fall in love with my smile, 
the one would adore me even when I snorted when I was laughing.
A few times, I thought I had found true love... only to be left holding pieces of my broken heart. 
The fall from love was definitely  harder than falling into it when you’re the one having to watch that someone walk away.
And soon, you start to lose hope that you’ll ever really find that one person.
The "one" seemed impossible to find as my efforts to seek love always ended in failure.
I couldn't solve the riddle of the heart until,
In the blink of an eye, you changed everything for me just by asking for a broom.
Others never really saw me for me until you. You  saw into my soul the very first time we met..
The real, goofy and deep person that I was didn’t scare you like it did the ones before you.
In fact, it only drew you closer to me and slowly, you started tearing down the walls around my heart.
I watched you smile and laugh with me every day, 
and soon, it became very clear-
the One was right in front of me.
You loved me for me- honest and real, without judgement or conditions.
Tears flooded my eyes, how did you see what all the others had missed?
You engaged my mind, stoked my passions and whispered to my soul.
I knew you were the one from our very first smile,
I felt you were the one from our very first embrace.
You gave rhyme to my reason and hope to my tomorrows.
You were my only wish once made on a shooting star longong ago when I was dreaming that a love like yours could ever find me in a world full of broken roads and shattered hearts.
So, until they discover a word that combines all the amazing and wondrous words available into one word that expresses my feelings for you,
I’ll just stick with three.
I love you.
Me and you, for alwaysand forever.
There’s nowhere else I’d rather be..
Than in your arms, for the rest of our crazy ass days.


  • that is how I feel about someone but sadly not the same in reverse i love the peice great work

    Jun 07, 2022

  • Jun 07, 2022

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