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This past year has been one hell of an adventurous year.
It all started with us both feeling a little  anxious,scared,nervous as well as the feeling of
Excitement as we prepared ourselves as the time had finally came  after 38 long years we were reunited,and sure we've had our share of some small bumps in the pathway of us getting to know one another as well as trying to teach each other a few things as well as trying to learn new things that we are both unfamiliar with as well as know little to nothing about and yes of course we have both let are anger and tempers get the very best of us which we have taken it out on one another.
But at the end of each and every night I am still very glad as well as extremely blessed to have been reunited back with my dad to have you be a part of my life I wouldn't want it other way,
I know that we don't have much time left to make that many more found memories together since we both know that you on very much borrowed time and with that being said I want you to know that I treasure every small moments that we do spend together as well as talk to one another even to be your baby girl that takes care of you the best way she knows how for I enjoy taking care of you as well as taking you to your doctor's appointments while pushing you in a wheelchair,
These are just some of the things that I will always treasure for as long as I should live for they are just some of the memories that we have made together.


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