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When I'm not your bitch
I'm NOT staying in shit
Just because you're rich
I'm not on your dick

You played your game
Even thought it was funny
Tried to make me look ashamed
Because of money

Niggas pulling your chain
Promising you more fame
You Got the contract in vain 
Cause YOU TRYING to maintain 

A status quo
You stay putting on a show
Like others don't know
It was planned from the door

You reap what you sow
I had my share of pain
It's time for you to GO 
You tried to kill more than my name

Grim reaper was STALKING
Everyday an attack 
I'm done talking
Its time to put you on your back

YOU DONE it for the plug
Just to get that bag
Those streets aren't love
But you want to brag

About your new deal
Im'ma keep it real
And tell you how I feel
You stole your last MILL


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