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*My First day as a student on OAU Campus*
Bismillahi ArRahman ArRaheem

All praises, adoration and gratitude belongs to him for he is the most gracious, the most merciful. 

Alhamdulillah, I gained admission into my school of choice to study my desired course,Is this not joyous?
I proceeded to campus two days after I received my admission notification. 
I was followed by my dad, to him , I'm still a child🤪
The journey from Ibadan to Ife took an hour and some minutes I can't remember 😂
We got there, I was a bloody fresher who got no where to live😞We sha went there with hope.
We allight at the school gate, My dad carried the heaviest of my load while I carry the lightweighted one, Wallohi I pitied him,IseOmo nii (May you live long toh arvest the fruit of your labour,BihizniLlah)
We boarded a bus going to last bustop, few minutes later we got there .
NB;I'm not surprised coz I've been there a month before my admission but I was happy, very happy coz thenI wasn't there as a student, but as a tourist. 

We got the person that directed us, novice me thinking I will secure accommodation on that stressful day, but he'll no, I was  disappointed, I was also told the portal for payment of school fee is yet to one opened. 
I was highly thwarted 😭 
My dad was worried of where I will stay for the meantime but the cafe man told him not to worry.
I and dad went to bank to make a transfer of my school fee yo the cafe man.

Fast forward, after making a transfer to the payeesaccount for my school fee, My dad told me he will be leaving. 
He thought i was a child and truly I am for my next reaction, I cried, sobbed and crode😅
Surprisingly, My papa cried along🌝
Funnily enough, he had to call my immediate sister and my grandpa to console me😁
NB:On phone nhi ooo
I was crying coz I don't know how my story on OAU campus will start and everything I need to think about,coz always indoor ni mi🤪
But, Alhamdulillah


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