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I thought distance will kill it all
Lil you got me blind
My garden is so green 
But i need my love to lay with me
Your eyes are a window 
Because i see my soul in them
Little far from my foot step i have print of your heart 
Your scent bring back memories
I watch the sun rise and the sunset with you by my side 
Your gentle touch move me everytime
This love is like a wine 
My love for you grows everyday like grapes in my back yard
My heart recognise you before my eyes see's you because when ever you are behind me my heart skip a beat  then i have to look around
The world without you is world without me
When ever we make love you take a peace of me and i take a peace of you that's how we stay alive
Whenever we are apart
Love more from each side 
We are abide for life
My love



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