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To tht woman who will capture his heart one day,
          First, know this. Girl you just won the fucking lottery. Congratulations!!
You're one in a billion, extraordinary in my eyes.
You see I like you already.
Why? you say.
You gotta be amazing, he wouldn't have chose you otherwise.
You're probably grace and elegance mixed with fire and soul. 
You will have to have a quick wit and enjoy sarcasm.
But when you're eyes lock you will understand what it feels like to finally be seen.
One thing I know for sure is he will challenge you,and he will definitely call you out on your shit.
He's not being mean, or a know it all,but cuz he pays attention, he notices everything.
Spark in your eye,tone of you're voice,body language, yep he will see it all.
Don't even try to hide yourself from him, you can't,so please don't try.
He we will teach you things bout yourself that you never knew.
More often than not he will make you feel special without even trying.
Please make him feel that same way too.
Sometimes he comes across as cold n distant but believe when I tell you there's warmth and fire in his heart or maybe buried deep in his soul.
I hope he shows it to you freely. I hope you will never have to dig.
But if you do please please dig gently for gods sake take you're precious time, because discovering the layers and learning there's more to him than meets the eye is the greatest pleasure. 
He's been hurt and he's a once in a lifetime type of man.
Treasure him.
He's Charming, strong respectful, gentle and handsome as they come.
He's got scars so take the time to kiss them each and every one.
His heart is a gift, one I was never given but I was fortunate enough as to spend some time with the man in which it resides.
So I beg of you, if he gives you this gift of his fragile beautiful heart,
Promise me, promise me you will always and forever handle it with care.


  • Jun 03, 2022

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