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You move with care as your glare fills the room of strength and softness.

Tell me about you, my lovely lady. Of your feelings, silence and your lovers. You see in the mirror as you see your age as you get scare you look away because your skin is no longer porcelain like in the past. As you count the hours you live by the minutes because you're aware that time is precious. Like a tornado you lift me up, so suddenly and as I fall on at your feet you pull me in causing me to look up atyou. My body shake everytime you're near, so mysterious, so unique and full of experience.

Talk to me about yourself fair lady of your sad days of your history. I find you unique like a sculpture,so peculiar and ancient, a true masterpiece made just for me.Take me wherever you like I'll follow, wherever you wish I'll go with you. I see the wonder that you bring, perfect from head to toes. You're like a lost paradise filled  with undiscovered wonders.

  It has no name nor words when you let your dress fall, it's memorizing that I just start shaking  like earthquake level 7 I just go crazy. Chat about yourself my lovely lady, tell me about your past and your experiences. I find you wonderful like carving so expectacular, one of a kind. My solitary lady tell me about your dark nights about all that you've been through, I' ll be your ears, friend and lover anything you want. Don' t you feel alone you are with me now, fill me with your past and turn me to your future my solitary lady.


  • May 31, 2022

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    Jun 01, 2022

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