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Don't get out of my arms just lie down on the grass. I want to feel you step by step, wrap around you like an ivy. Don't untwine off of my arms, because today my arms are chains and I want love you all day long, let my hands be filled of you.
When the sun starts setting and the stars start appearing as on our backs we feel the cold of the dark night thats approaching. I will slowly let you go from my arms with no strength. You will shake your hair so that no one will ever know a thing and we will go home thinking of eachother.

Don't leave my arms, keep laying there on the grass. I want to love you, let this day be like magic. As the sun goes down and your eyes are like stars, let this dreamy night come by. We'll untangled from eachother and  pretening that nothing happened as we clean ourself up and walk home alone.

Don't untwine of my arms, stay next to me on the grass, lets let time pass us by like there's no tomorrow. I want us to get confused between the field and dirt like the branches and dry leaves on the tall grass in this field. As the sun says goodbye and the moons wakes up we'll warm eachother up and our surroundings turns cold we' be fire in the darkness. We'll slowly separate, I'll clean off the straws as you fix your hair, so no one know a thing. As we part away with our soul and body smelling like grass we'll be thinking of eachother.


  • May 30, 2022

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