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My mum said by her spirit from the sky.

I am a good guy but I still have some issues incompetent.

I said I am struggling and doing my best because is the way to obey and being modest.

She worried everytime about me while she is on the heaven.

But thank God she is really alive without knocking the door from the families and is all her convenient.

I love God and I love everybody .

But my heart feels so hesistant because I still wonder for the forgiveness.

But one day I pray God and supplicate.
Whatever bad treatment I feel .
I know that the justice is in the hereafter and not the police.

And henceforward that my dream is to get up from the sleep and work more harder than I think .

And make everyone  the most happiest about me.

Cause I am a good guy .

And for the welfare and the goodwill.

I make the future for myself , but everybody love the interest about me.

They want me to succeed and see me the best wonderful guy I ever achieve.

                       The poet Taha Mohamed Bennis.


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