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I hear sirens... all in my head
Woke me out my sleep and  a BIHH got scared!

Recieved the phone call NOBODY wants to hear. My baby almost lost it all; so now we got to make you disappear.

Know that I DON'T PLAY about mine but you put up your HANDS YOU crossed the line. 

Yea you tried it so you about THAT LIFE? Nigga didn't throw hands but used a knife.

You made mine bleed so now I'm going to make you swell. Bust your ass wide open sending you straight to hell.

The streets are talking I'm done playing. You should have kept walking. Now your mother's praying. 

It costs to be the boss you weren't on your own dirt
Price on your head to knock your ass off. Just know I understand the hurt. 

You want to be GROWN but you still on milk. You should have stayed home INSTEAD YOU flipped 

Wrong person wrong TIME. They already told you his Auntie don't mind. But you thought they were lying. So now you crying.

Like a thief in the night you won't see it coming. You should have DONE RIGHT instead of trying to steal from ME!!


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