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And just why can't we masses long
Oppressed and shackled gainlessly 
In rules and dos and donts and all
All raise as one and say no more 
To torturous senceless spelling rules
Recently cast by wizard scribes 
On English words to thought divorce
From million scripts that wait our pen.

Rogue spelling rules like magic spells
That gang to gag a tongue that long 
Has painted worlds of hopes and fears
The joys of love and too our tears
With Words that sweetly flow along
The boundless Rhythms of our lives
Like cheese And with ease 
Of a song

A tongue so long and gainfully used
As lent, as borrowed or as found
Since times remote   Of Norsemen old
Words wholesome with no symbols queer 
Or spells that came with Sanskrit script
That given hand, I would protest.
So jsut why c'nat
Us mssaes lnog
Orpesesd and sahkceld giansselsy
In relus and dos 
And dn'tos and bolkcs
All rsaie as one and jsut say no
To turotuors snecleses sepelinlg rleus



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