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I dreamed a dream of you

Last night

A dream so true

I couldn't recall 

If I was awake at all

I should have realized

My mind surprised

With thoughts and images

Of you

No contented sleep tonight

For you are on my mind

Shall I tell

The tale I hear

Running through my mind

I dreamed of a life 

Together me and you

I dreamed of a wife

Living forever true

Family and friends

Children and more

Who could see

What life has in store

Images of fun times

Images of sad

Memories of all we did

Etched upon my mind

Smiles and frowns

Laughter with you

There was nothing

I wouldn't do

Growing old together

Company of two

Holding hands like lovers

Seem to do

Sharing the heartache

Sharing our hearts

This is what I thought

Our life should imitate art

Woke to a funny feeling

Like I'd dropped off a cliff

Searched for my companion

Felt like I was adrift

Sat here so alone

No voice or sound of you

Felt so broken hearted

What am I to do

I have prayed and prayed 

To find you

But they still 

Haven't come true

How am I to search

And find my true love

When all I see are strangers

Laughing at my love

I feel like giving up

Feel like going away to hide

No more to take my chances

On this cruel world

Find a home of solace

Find a place of peace

To take my years in comfort

And relative peace

Was this dream

Just a cruel romance

Set upon me

By ideals and earthly dreams

Or is there some hint

Of love and life

Not yet seen

But somehow understood

Truth and light

Take peculiar shape

In dreams and visions

Not yet realized

Shall truth be seen

As through a looking glass

Reflected back at us

Or shall truth stand free 

Projecting standards

Not yet realized by our

Minds that are unprepared

For mighty visions

Of life and love

Beyond mere mortal


Will someone help

Interpret dreams 

Not yet seen 

Will someone help

Interpret visions 

Not yet seen

Eyes to see the past

Dream of a brighter future

One with you 

Here to share it

With me

May dreams come true

For me and you

In a most abundant measure


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