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I see my figure

Staring out

Staring back at me

Shows me more

Than I know

Than I care to see

Shall I run

Shall I hide

Or wallow in the mire

Truth be told

Truth be had

I know not what I desire

Hide in me

This awful truth

That I dare not see

It touch my mind

It touch my soul

My heart for eternity

Bring me comfort

Bring me joy

For this I long to know

A joyful heart

A contented life

This I long to sow

Cut away my sin

Cut away the dark

Cut away all desire

That dare to miss the mark

Champion me

Champion be

The One who guides my soul

Win or lose 

This I choose

The One who loves my soul

Burden me

With your desire

Burden me

With your fire

Cleanse me 

With your tender mercy

Cleanse me

With your tender rain


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