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These shackles have been my life

These many years

Worn to prevent more crime

That I have done through the years

Chaffed my skin

The sores still bleed

Tho I no longer care

I live a life of solitude

At my prison walls I stare

The sounds of youth are gone today

My life has passed me by

I am much older now

Than when I came to stay 

The smell of rotting flesh

Oozes through the floor

No cool breeze or summer air

To cleanse the stench in here

Darkness surround me

No window to let in light

No sky above or ground below

Can ease me from this plight

I'll stay awhile longer

Before death greets my soul

I've been repentant for my deeds

Though I've a long way to go

The luster of my youth has gone

I'm no longer young it seems

Don't know my age no more

Except in my dreams

I remember many things

Most of them bad

The good I could have done for you

Was never to be had

Crime and disease

Were my stock in trade

Sell you anything you want

But the price was the key

I'd take anything you had

Just to pay my wage

Didn't matter, young or old

Your pain would make my day

I'd wait upon the street

For you to show up

Begging for a little more

Of what you'd stirred up

Sin was high on the list

Of things to get from me

If it was 

To be had

I'm the man 

Who could get it for thee

No ordinary salesman

No conjuror of tricks

If it could be had at all

I could get the real deal quick

People came in droves

To see the wares in my stall

Some for little trinkets

Some for full blown falls

They would wander from the streets

And houses far and near

But all said I was the man

Though you'll have to pay, my dear

The coppers they all knew me

But none could pin a rap

I had money in all the right places

To get me out of their traps

I'd bide my time and rest awhile

As they would roust the lot

Sure enough the people came back

To get what they sought

All was good and right for me 

Until there came a law

That said you must do the time

If you break the laws

Someone must have been keeping track

For many was my crime

Through the years I've sold it all

And now I'm doing time

They threw the book at me

As the old saying goes

They told me I would rot in hell

For my committed crimes

They walked me to my cell

Chained me to the wall

And here i sit each day

Staring at these walls

Fair is fair 

I guess it's right to say

Crime it was good to me

Until they changed the law

Now I sit here rotting

In the darkened cell

Never to behold the sky

I'm buried alive in hell

Keeper comes to check on me

To see if I'm alive

Grant my wish this day please

I no longer care to be

A man alone 

In solitude

Arrested from this life

Bound in chains

In servitude

In pain and in strife

The challenge here

Has been my mind

To keep it intact still

Though days are long

I see no light

Here night is my companion

Days go on with no reprieve

No change in my affairs

The doom I used to run from

No longer makes me scared

I no longer run from the gallows

But look to it in delight

For it will end my suffering

It will end my plight

I long for the day

When freedom rules my way

When chains no longer bind me

And I can walk away

But that will only come 

When age takes its toll

I am here for all time

I've been kept on the roll

No escape for me this life

No chance of pardon for me

I must accept the cell I'm in

Will last me all my days

Remember me on your ways

And know there must be more

Than living life in a cell of sin

Created by mankind

Search for the freedom

Search for the light

That will give you all your desires

And fill your heart with love

Time will run away from you

And be gone so very fast

Choose the road you want to go

And there make your dreams last

My time is done

I've done my time

I've paid a price so dear

Repent from your wicked ways

The end is drawing near


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