Lonely Days Read Count : 52

Category : Stories

Sub Category : YoungAdult
During hardship,
She was left alone 
Thinking of how to survive 

When everything was fine
She was surrounded by many 

Now it's know to her
They are after what she has
Not after her

They made her understand
What she fails to know

She was very emotional
Few were there ,
To console her 

She was left alone ,
In this soulful life
whether or not
What she do 
They are not concerned 

When it was her
It remains her 
In her life
She stood
And chase her dream
Since no one will 

She believe she's strong 
Yeah!She is 
Brave and fearless 

She fears no one 
But her creator 

She's left to her own world 
Luckily she survived the hardship 
And made her gender to be proud
Proud of her 



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