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Dear Lord YOU said to pray for my enemies; well here's a prayer for you from me

May you smite them down
Never to get up
Just like the GRAVE they can never get enough 

Forever wanting and steady taking. Saying you love me but you just faking.

May strange FIRE catch them at unawares. With no means of ESCAPE AND may they perish there. 

May every step they take may they stumble and fall. May they be confused and bankrupt and lose IT ALL  

May your peace and the peace of CHILDREN'S be taken
May they continually feel forever forsaken.

May they bite their tongues when calling my name. May they lose their minds and go insane.

Cause them to have dry breast and close their wombs. I'm calling all my shit back even from the tomb.

From you. Your momma and your daddy. You gone give ME MINE may you be positioned where you had me

You put your foot on my neck. Caused me to lose. Took money from my hands but you couldn't write the check so now you choose. 

A life for a life. Grim reaper was STALKING. Had me living in fear but I kept walking. 

Now it's your turn to walk through that valley of death. Don't look for me I'm not giving YOU NOTHING else. 

No food. No money not even MY hand. You think I'm a joke test me and see if I'm playing.

Everyday there's an attack on my life; I sit in solitude and ask myself why??

Jealousy and envy from frenemies to family, 
Oh you can't stand me??

None of that shit was new to me
I got Use to the FAKE support and the love. I'm fed up and I've had enough.

Walking away suited me well
Fact is YOU WHERE never here.
It was just show and tell. 


  • Tampa Scott

    Tampa Scott

    hard to understand

    May 22, 2022

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