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Coldness of Hearts

For two loving and pure hearts,
The cold of the night is bliss.
It saturates their souls and beings
To commune in a chilled langue.

But, not this coldness of pains
Appearing in visage of isolation.
Their days of communion stretch
Further back like the old Ark of Noah.

Words of affection and attention
Have turned blisters and thorns.
The togetherness felt is diverging
Like 10-miles parting parrellel lines.

What weather of discord has hinged
On them this uncanny loss and distance
That their hearts sob in unsaid agony?
I look at them with pity and dolefuless.

Why should the "lamp of love" of two
Hearts "chosen to love" dim coldly?
I earnestly hope their flames rekindle
Blazingly soon to ease in warmth to their
Cold "missing" hearts.



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