All This Here Is Mine🥀 Read Count : 60

Category : Poems

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My life 
It's mine
My body 
It's  mine
My voice 
It's mine
My choice
It's mine

You only live once
So I'm open wide
Ain't no need to front 
Ain't got nothing to hide

I'm coming on strong
Giving them hell
You did me wrong
Always wishing I'd fail

So why we pretending
NAHH BIHH it's you
Somethings just don't need mending
Just know that I'm threw

I don't need permission 
In the way that I move
I'm on a mission
I can't lose

If I lose I'm still winning
I'm going to keep your head spinning
That's the way it will be

I'm done breaking bread
With my frenemies 
It wasn't what you said
It was your energy 


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