These Long Lone Nights Read Count : 37

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If dreams went beyond down
The vexing cockcrow would cheer
And give me psych for the morn
If wishes like horse gallops
Each sleepless turn on this bed
Would see no yawn but a smile

Before you came
A cold nomad I owned my heart
The came your warmth
And on your laps hearts had to thaw

I wished nights length to sleep by you
I wished days length to see your face
In you I found the coolest 
Shade from fears and found the hottest 
Fuel to light my dreams the wildest

Now you are gone to chase a dream
And here am left with chills to bear 
In long lone nights and pain to brave 
Through long lone days

My only joy's in flashing back
With bits of hope as mixed with fear 
And hazy dreams of claiming back
That part of me in you I banked
And too the guide to laughter banked
In you on that day you'll be back.



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