The Waits OVER🥀 Read Count : 57

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You see I'm done waiting
Messing with you I put my life on pause
Every day I was anticipating 
Expecting your call

10yrs of no sex
I was left Holding myself
You left my spirit so damn vex
After taking everything and you left 

If you really love me
Like you say you do
It's just something I can't see
And you know it's true 

When you married another 
I was left holding the bag
Betrayal is a muthafur-a
Knowing you've just been had

Why keep playing this game
OF cat and mouse
Yet you said it's a shame
So bite your lips and shut your mouth 

Now I'm moving on
And spreading them wide 
You can do RIGHT BUT im'ma do wrong
If you looking for me I'm outside 


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