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Living my life
One vice at a time
Well, maybe two
If I can find the time
Rebel with a cause
Just to say I did
What ever happened
To mamas little kid

And the sickness burns
And tattoos itself
Upon my heart
So there’s nothing else
But to live for vice
And to spend my time
Digging my grave
To a glass of wine

Cheapest vices
That I can find
Death is the tax
That comes to mind
Spread my life
As thin as can be
Where are the safeguards
To constrain me

Miles I’ve traveled
Tried to run away
But here are my vices
With so much more to say
Come home to us, boy
Give us another chance
We just want to take you
To the final dance

Round and round and round
We’ll go 
Shaking a leg
To the ole banjo
Hear the tune
We play for your heart
Just give us a chance
We’ll tear you apart

Drag you through the mud
Disgrace your name
Make it so your family
Are all ashamed
Drop you on the curb
Homeless you shall be
Child of the street
We’ll come to see

Where is the boy
The man I used to be
Before my vices
Overtook me
Am I still a rebel
Or a child in need
Where is the redemption
I long to see


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