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‘Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house
All the people were freezing
Including my spouse
The stockings were snug
On the feet of the poor
As the wind whipped a frenzy
At my drafty front door

See the winter come in
And cover with snow
The land of my home
Feel the north wind blow
People have huddled
To keep themselves warm
Leaders say, where is the hurt?
They say, where is the harm?

The price of fuel
Had climbed so high
That no one could afford
To keep a small fire
The President 
Declared with a slur
That he’d shut down the pipeline
Let the peasants wear fur

He made deals with the devil
To tear us apart
In the hopes that true evil
Would soon come take part
In all of their schemes
And all of their plans
In the hopes that the people
Would bow to their commands

Oppress the people
Keep them down on their knees 
Let them suffer in silence
We’ll ignore their pleas
Overturn their laws
Inundate their towns
We are the kings
In our royal gowns

The people cried out
Said, this cannot be
Are you so blind?
Do you not see?
The sick and the poor
Impoverished and weak
The silenced voices
Who cannot speak

We are not slaves
We are free men indeed
For GOD is the answer
HE spoke the creed
No longer bound 
By governmental decree
We will cast you out
And again be free

We see the puppet
Here on a string
Speaking gross words
Early death do they bring
The free and the innocent
The weak and the poor
Can you hear us knocking
Upon your front door

We cry out for mercy
To be heard as one
May our voices echo
From here to the sun
Oppression be gone
Leaders depart
We want no more 
Of your blackened hearts

The coal on our mantle
Is just there for show
No, there’s no heat
No warm fuzzy glow
I’m freezing tonight
Undercover of night
Soon I’ll be gone
No longer in sight

I lay here
Cold and tired
As my body 
Slowly expires
Here I find 
Certain death
As I struggle to find 
My last breath

No more in pain
I’ve crossed over the line
I have found heaven
On this day and time


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    May 20, 2022

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