Blazing Sword Read Count : 25

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Horror

The blazing sword

Appear out of nowhere Like a sharp spear tossed straight from the heavens Slit throats as it touched the grounds and release the breath from your nose and from your mouth the black muck slowly oozing out of the ground as the ground begin to open wider and wider making a crackling sound as if something was burning slowly he appear fire at his feet his body covered with a black coat that hanged all the way to his feet His eyes held the flames of hell two small holes begin to open up one on his right one on his left out from the dark holes appear a female on each side Female to the right covered in the munk her eyes hollow like an empty dark sky . female on his left her body was covered with the snakes of seven heads her eyes was Burning with the flicking of candle lights red flashing in and out The females was plan to see they both stood naked before thee . A bolt of lightning flash from the sky and blinded the humans eyes What the humans thought they have seen appear to be a dream In disbelief they begin to whisper amongst one and another they own story's In which they had just witnessed with they own eyes humans always say We believe with the sight of the eye . That again is not true For you Witnessed the Antichrist only for what seem to be what was only a sound like flash some of you called it a mind playing tricks on you . A dream such a wicked burn In your mind a storyline upon your tongues Would you know me If I placed myself again without short vision .. No I assume not for your mind is at a slow bloom .. That is how you shall meet you're doom . Like a weeping willow Your souls shall weep Right unto the flames at my feet . A kingdom rised a kingdom fall ..abbsy for all . Follow me as I knowledge you will .. For the wicked wheel turns . At the tip of my blazing sword.
Flickers like a deadly storm .


  • May 15, 2022

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