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Thirty Five Years 
Of meaningful
Memories to hold
On top
Thirty Five Years
Of legandary music
To lift us up
Through the darkest
And shadest days
The are unimaginable
Pain and suffering
Thirty Five years
Of music and Gods
Glory to get us through
It all
No matter what
Ground we stood on
No matter what we walked
Through to climb to
The top

Thirty Five Years
Of memories
And music that
Inspired us to make
It through
The ups and downs
Thirty Five Years
Of life that
Made us strong
And wise
Courageous and overbearing
The darkest that
Nearly took us
We stood strong
Through Gods mercy
Through the
Inspiration of music
To get us through it
Thirty Five Years
With many
Bright and beautiful
Days to come

Written by Sandra Craddick @ 5/14/2022


  • May 14, 2022

  • sometimes we are given stones . if we find Jesus we find blessings. 🙏

    May 15, 2022

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