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   A war is typically the culmination of a dispute between two sides,. often used. As a  last resort after long escalation....A war is not a one-sided assault!!   That is  criminal!  Un provoked violence &genocide.
;;;;To actively pursue, kill and annihilate based on one man's dislike for persons of a particular race,  color,  or country of origin is murder!!!
 It should be seen as a violation of  human rights an abomination to God's ultimate law.
 A war is fought by two sides,  from two places... Not perpetrated by one nation onto another... people scrambling to defend their lives and their lives of their families.
 They are Fighting  in defense, not out of want to engage in battle but to save their lives.
   If we  believe TV then these people are being slaughtered.  An unprovoked all out Extinction of their race, heritage, and namesake.  For the sheer want of one man to see them dead!!! the world should have intervened
 should have forced him to cease and dissist... make him stand trial in front of a jury of world's representatives..
He should have been stopped!!
 why is he being allowed to continue a  murderous rampage unchecked ??!
  They keep reporting on possible war crimes but I don't remember hearing anything about these two countries being engaged in a war,  only an invasion and assault.  This is not a war crime this is a crime against life, to kill unarmed untrained people in their homes,  even   Atilla the Hun had order and rules-  Hitler had military incentive,.  there were  structured campsites people were put through filing systems.   The things they ultimately did to the Jews may have been raught with cruel and rampant war crimes,  But were war crimes nevertheless.  Some have been accounted for,.  many have not but they fall into the war crime bracket.
 The slaughter of all people without regard to anything is above and beyond...
  It should be considered crime against humanity  is  it a show of things to come??
 the day we turned away and  did not try to stop him the world received a message.
 That there are no rules  anymore.  Not for the government,  not for the military,.  not for anyone.
That can only bring chaos
  A need to form new styles of leadership/ the world could crumble into anarchy.  Even martial law will not be able to gain control.
It will be each man for themselves, each for their own.
 That is a very real and horrifying place for the inhabitants of Earth to have  arrived.
 this train is off the tracks it was derailed a long time ago,  


  • learn from the past or be doomed to repeat it

    May 14, 2022

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