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 Lack of leadership is dangerous,
 for us.  Our country  our kids!!!  Hitler came into power by walking into a system that lacked leadership.   He grabbed the reins and started giving orders ...people were ready to follow they loved him, they listened to him, and he took full advantage of his position.
    People talk about having the right to think for themselves,
About free speech, freedom of the press,of religion...they fight in defense of these rights.

When the reality is they fight for the sake of fighting!!   something to focus on, to be all in ...a distraction  just a cause.
  In reality people don't want to think for themselves. ,not about real things ,life changing and innovative things. 
Spiritual growth and religious freedom do not go hand in hand.
Fighting for the IDEA of freedom is better for us ,fighting for a concept that makes us feel cozy and free....but God forbid we actually have to think for ourselves!!!!
God forbid we actually have to practice the freedoms we so fervently defend!!!!
it's all good and we'll tho, were not predispositiond to think for ourselves.  It's natural to adhere to a system,  to fall into ranks. 
To become a part of a working system there has to be a sort of blind ambition, to work on your own part of the puzzle.  Focus on what you have in your life. Making those things the best you can. Each one doing so...
Then there has to be a way for all those beautifully shiny pieces of well cared for society,all of those well greased gears to meet, to connect to be put into the correct spaces and plugged into the right spots. 
 There are leaders in those roles. Then there are the switch flippers, button pushers, shot callers and the eyes that watch it all...
Very few have the time and/or ability to follow the succession of many puzzle pieces simultaneously. Doing so would take a tremendous amount of energy and likely have to be something you do for a living your" job"
People Need to be told what they want,what to listen to, who to elect...the illusion of freedom is enough to keep em in line...(so far...)
That's not to say it's a bad thing. People should be able to live...to enjoy life to be engaged and involved in day to day activities, it helps to keep the pieces of the puzzle shiny and healthy. 
Some people are more apt for leadership roles....Wich differs greatly from being  a thinker.
  Thinkers are oftentimes outsiders, seen as strange or different.  They have different views of the same game,  they receive and process information differently. Having a tendency not to be as engaged in the day to day,  the mundane the shining of their puzzle pieces....
  Yes people should be allowed to Believe that they are free!  in order to have a life that is enjoyable,  fulfilling,  considered to be a contribution to society in general. That is normal and good....good sheep...baaa....!!BAAA!
 There has to be leaders that fill the need for someone to follow , listen to
. The media is a good facilitator for leading and influencing the people. In the event there is an opening in that chain of control and influence , anyone with a view can make use of it. Step into a role of leadership and people will listen!!!
   Children -when having no order,  no clear message, nothing to feel a part of, nothing to defend to fight for.... to believe in ... They are easily led into any manner of behavior or school of thought.   From gangs and drugs to sexual perversion,  anti government , even terrorist thinking. 
    Indoctrination was an invaluable took in building Hitler's strong following . His people loved him, they listened to him. The people followed his propaganda and were exited to do it!! They had a feeling of inclusion and  of importance. Of Being a part of something bigger...and in order to help their country they worked together.
 NThey had a system, structure,to adhere to. , They didn't have to make all kinds of decisions, they could just work,  live , play,  raise a family... as long as people were following the rules, it worked.
  Their country came out of recession,  factories regained workers,  the currency gained value, the value of the lives of (HIS) people improved dramatically under his rule. ...

      By: lulu


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