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When a woman is fed up
Can't nobody change it
When we've suffered enough 
You can't force feed me shit

Knowing all men aren't the same
But I'm tired of building them up
Holding myself at blame
I refuse to get stuck

Time and time again
On this merry go round 
I'm not letting no one in
I don't want to be found

After 15yrs of saying no
Get your own life 
BIHH just let me go
I'm not your wife 

You had your chance
Still mishandled me
Now deal with the circumstance
And let me be

I'm already taken 
Been in this relationship 
WTF are you calculating
Go on and dip

I'd rather depend on me
Cause too many have fail
I'm done living in misery
Loving on nigg##$ from a jail cell

Locked up in their minds
Whom can't love me because they don't love themselves 
I've done my time and there's nothing LEFT 

I'm DONE reaching out
I can't carry myself 
Go ahead and keep chasing clout 
I'm moving on to SOMEONE else 💯


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