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Mommy mommy tell me why you say those things to me!?

 Honey I'm not lying  it's what you need to hear

 What kind of kid needs to hear that stuff said by there mom?

 The kind that isn't mentally a kid anymore

 Mommy mommy why do I cry when I hear you scream!? 

Your mind is tainted and it's all my fault

 Mommy mommy why don't you let me go!?

 I need you here I can't live without you!

 Mommy mommy why don't you let me leave

 Of course you take there side.. because I'm worthless...

 Mommy mommy! That's not true! I will stay by your side!

 I'm loosing everything.. I should let you go

 Mommy mommy why won't you let me go!?!? 

 Since when did you drift away from me?


 aren't you happy with me??


 Of course because your being brainwashed

 Oh.. then maybe you will change your ways..

 Mommy mommy?


 Why did you do this?

 And what might that be dear???

 Bring me here if you were just going to torture me my entire life..

 Honey I never did anything to you!!! I never took you from your home! I never did ANYTHING!



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