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Sometimes the past we hid from. 
Comes right back to us.
As if it’s planned, hits us just when we’re getting to live without it 
 Then it comes.
The shadow.
But this time there isn’t any escape.
Like a stone block.
Every door is shut and I’ve to face it.
I’ve to survive it. 
It’s my past, it was my mistake.
I won’t run anymore. 
They just got to accept me that way. 
I won’t run anymore. 


  • କେନ୍ତା କରି କହେମି ତୋତେ ନାଇଁ ପାରୁଛେ ବୁଝି. ମନର କଥା ମାନେ ରହିଛେ ନାଇଁ ପାରିଛେ କହି.

    Jul 28, 2022

  • Aug 03, 2022

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