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I have traveled to the east and west 
Have seen many fishes swimming beautifully in their shining gold skin 
Have seen thousands beautiful nightingale singing in their nest 
I was flabbergasted when my eyes sighted thy glowing skin

After life I shall look for thee 
The wealth of thy beauty make me rich 
And my narrow path to heaven is lied within ye
My jewel, stay and be mine forever is my only wish 

I toured around the world but I see no one like you 
Dare not compare ye to the most high
Even there's no one like you in the city of jew 
The breeze from thy beauty is enough for my wings to fly 

Ajoke! The world best solution solver 
You alone I want and for you I could give to my precious liver 

© Bolualabi. O 


  • Ichi Go

    Ichi Go

    Extended explanation, the even isn't even needed at the beginning of that line, you have fishes used after explaining there were more than one with the word many. There's more, but you figure it out from here.

    Jul 26, 2022

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